Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

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I stole somebody else's spreadsheet assignment for my AVCE business students. Easiest preparation I've ever done... just ran off 20 photocopies. Heh. I'm giving the same lesson again tomorrow. I had to work through it so I was sure what they were being asked to do... Funnily enough, it was exactly what my sister is currently doing an assignment on in university. So I can waffle on about it for ages, because I had to help her with it...

People need to use these computers now. I have time for one more coffee before I start teaching.

Failed to cut myself to shreds while shaving. Thank god my razor is getting blunter.

I don't know why Livejournal doesn't make the full page the default, because you don't really lose anything but about a second while a bit more HTML loads up...
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