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All I need is your whispered hello....

Right, another week over. The good thing is that next week is the last week before half term. The bad thing is that it means I won't get paid for working that week.

Went to the gym yesterday for the first time in about three weeks. I now have severely aching muscles. Will try and go again tomorrow. It's always easier the second time.

Lots of fun trying to get a new mobile phone after the untimely death of my old phone. Never mind, the poor thing was looking decidedly dowdy compared to the new sleek models around now. I'm getting a Samsung A300, for anyone that's interested. It's got PIM features, you know. Which is good for gadget-freak credentials... Even though most of my students will have better phones than me, being young and style obsessed.

Pool is improving rapidly, which is good, since I'm supposed to be playing for my local's team in a couple of weeks time.
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