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I have a lollipop! This makes me happy.

My weekend was good - played pool a lot, went drinking a couple of times, which was good, because I was able to talk a lot of bollocks. Which is always fun.

Also saw 'One Hour Photo' on Sunday - good film. It's really nicely shot, with rather overexposed images and big areas of saturated colour. Very stylish. Robin Williams also does creepy pretty well. I recommend it.

My lesson today was reasonable, too. Although I prefer having less students - 8 is a nice number, 12 is too much, especially when there are computers there to distract them.

I'm covering someone's classes who is on sick leave tomorrow morning. Which means I'll get paid for it. The only problem is that it seems likely that I won't get paid until the end of November, because they pay one month in arrears. Which is very very bad, as I'm completely boracic. Wah!
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