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My laptop has died! The hard disk starts endlessly seeking at boot, and then doesn't get any further. Alas, poor laptop, I knew him, Horatio.

It was only two years old, as well. It's tragic when they die so young, with so much ahead of them. Of course, being one of the most well travelled laptops ever probably has something to do with it.... it went to Germany and back about 3 times, and I've transported it to college every day for the last year.

I can't afford a new one, though. Especially as I don't get paid for 3 weeks, and that money has to be used to decrease the debt slightly.

It also means that I have to prepare my lessons for tomorrow RITE NOW! I need to make my AS level lesson tomorrow more interesting than last weeks.... mostly for my sake, as much as the kids!

There's only so much you can do to make data verification and validation interesting, though.

The concert on Wednesday was very cool - not too much bebop type Jazz. A few more slow numbers would have been better, though. Once they start doing all the really fast improvisations, I start to lose interest. Since then, I have really achieved very little. Which is a bad thing. Sigh.
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