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A lovely paper bag blows across the pitch...

There was a duck and a helicopter in that over... whatever will we get next?. This means only one thing - that the cricket season has begun and there's nothing on terrestrial TV any more as Murdoch has bought it. Still, everyone knows that TMS is the only true way to enjoy cricket. Mmmm, cake.

Sorry to see that quaxo has tonsillitis; that's nasty stuff. Be careful they don't give you antibiotics and it's glandular fever instead... this happened to me about two months ago and I came out in a nasty itchy rash all over my body. Exciting. I haven't been that ill for about 10 years. It takes ages to clear - in fact I had a couple of days off this week with it.

Other than that, life's been fairly busy but there hasn't been that much to share with you lovely people.
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