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What is up with the 'Happy Holidays' thing? (Also, running)

What's wrong with 'Merry Christmas', that's what I want to know. Or happy divali or hanukkah or...

Anyway, I did the 10k that I've been training for over the last few weeks - my time wasn't helped by the fact that I had a nasty cold all week and hadn't run at all. Still, at least I finished it. It was quite a nice day for it - warm enough to run it in shorts; in fact I was quite toasty all of the way through. It was quite muddy and hilly, this course, so combined with the lack of training I'm relatively happy with 1.01, even though it's about 8 minutes off my PB. I may start looking for another one in February some time.

I was running it with a friend from work and her brother - we made around £300 in sponsorship over all - thanks to those that sponsored us.

I've spent the last couple of weeks working full time away from home, hence the lack of updates. I've been coping with people leaving and being off sick so I've been working 12 hour days more often than not. This has taken it out of me. It'll be a few more weeks before I can take any leave, too. Oh well, will try to get away somewhere warm, if I can.

Ho hum, better get on the road...
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