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A cruel game

Lost at squash - 3-0, not good. I did pick up the next couple of games after I'd lost, probably because my opponent let me. Oh well. Arm aches because he's got a tricky lob serve (that's when you hit the ball high and quite softly against the front wall so it starts to drop around the middle of the service box) and I missed quite a few. Would have been closer if I'd actually made contact with a few more. I'm still hitting too many of my low backhands into the tin - stupid because it's the smallest part of the court. Was going to go to the gym but now I'm not - I'm too tired and the person who I was going to go with is in a mood. Men.

It's raining. Constantly. Horrible and humid, too.

However, I do have the complete second series of 'Yes, Minister' to watch - the comedy about politicians that the politicians liked because it was so true to life.
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