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It's been a while...

I don't seem to have updated in a while... but then I don't think I'm really cut out to be a proper diarist...

Anyway, since handing in my dissertation, I have consumed alcohol, boogied (events connected!), been to London, visited Art galleries, bought books, come back, gone to the gym, read books, and started sorting out my flat ready to move out. This means using up all the stuff in my freezer. Which means that I'm going to be eating lots of fish-fingers.

Also upgraded stuff on my laptop to use packages from cooker. Which borked my xterms... messed about with resources for ages, looked at all the X config files, and eventually found out that because gcc had been upgraded to 3.2, symlinks that mandrake uses to allow vi and stuff to work still pointed at the cpp from gcc-2.96. Doh! Bad upgrade procedure!

All sorted now, though.
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