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Long time no postee...

Yes, yes, I'm rubbish at updating regularly.

Still working in London most of the time - except today when I'm on leave. Practically, this means that I've only been in work about 2 hours or so. Just about to go to the gym.

Most of the day has been spent watching 'Shooting the Past', which I only managed to see one part of when it was originally on TV when I was in university (which is now a scarily long time ago). Recently, I found out that it had been released on DVD and added it to my DVD rental queue. Having watched the first two parts on the train to London last week I had the last part in the post. Anyway, it's a really powerful drama with an interesting premise, really strong acting (especially from Timothy Spall - always worth watching) and a slightly old fashioned shooting style with lots of long scenes. I enjoyed it immensely and was really sorry when it was over.

Also this week I watched the League of Gentlemen movie - worth watching but couldn't really sustain the quality over the full 90 minutes.

Been very busy in work, not much time to exercise or to do much apart from work, so not really making the most of being in London. Putting on weight too - too many nights eating out. However, I have been able to catch up with a lot of people that I haven't seen in ages, which has been really nice.

I need to go to some art galleries on Monday, so I'm heading up to London early with a view to going to the Photographer's Gallery, probably. With a bit of luck I'll be able to meet a friend and go to see Sin City, too.
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