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Quick Entry

This week my sleeping pattern has been more than normally screwed. So much so that I've been late for work every day. It's a good job that I've spent it doing tedious tasks that don't require contact with anyone else. Now I've done these boring tasks I can move onto a new project, which should be fun, because it's in London. It's also scarily high-profile though. Oh well.

Watched a load of DVDs this week - A complete series of Black Books (excellent, written by the same person that wrote Father Ted). Also the Gangs of New York (very very long, didn't say that much that was interesting, ending a bit of an anticlimax). I also got 40 minutes into 'La Vita e Bella' before I got tired last night.

I played squash today - didn't win, but it was a good game. Felt good. I'm kind of stiff after going to the gym last night so the workout was welcome as it loosened me up a bit. Off home to see my parents now, London Sunday afternoon.
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