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At last!

The sun beats down on concrete, as a pale figure with dark rings under the eyes emerges into the blazing light.
He looks into the distance, screwing up his eyes. Yes, he thinks. That's where I'm going.

So, yeah. Finished my dissertation! It's all printed out and bound and with copies of the code burned to CD and forms filled in. There isn't anything to do now but to kick back, have a few beers, get my badly atrophied social life back into shape,
and start looking for jobs. Oops! Reality always interferes.

Off up to London at the weekend to see various people, and do lots of semi-touristy things. Shakespeare at the globe, for instance. Now I need to go home and call people to make sure everything is in order... I might sit here and be all smug that I've finished when other people haven't, though. Or is that too cruel?

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