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Vote for the apathy party (if you can be bothered)

I did my democratic duty again. I did this safe in the knowledge that whoever I vote for will not stop everyone else in my constituency voting for Tony (or more precisely, Gordon). This took about 15 minutes from the time I left the house, walking about 5 minutes up the road, going into the polling station, declaring that I am who my polling card (brandished under the nose of the beardy bloke doing with a long list of people) says I am, being given a voting slip, marking it with a big cross and walking back home again. At least I won't have to do that again for a couple of years - when I'll most probably be living somewhere else.

Immediately prior to this I played one of the worst games of squash I've played in a long while. I could barely hit a backhand down the wall in about 8 games, during each of which I was lucky to win the odd point. Humph. Got to play some people that are more in my league - must persuade people in work to start playing again now I'm at home more often.

During the bank holiday I worked. The rest of the week I've been catching up on sleep so there are no interesting tales to recount.
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