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I'm in work on Saturday. Again.

In other news, my house is tidy, my washing is done, the surfaces are clear, the floors have been vaccumed, the lawns have been mowed, the borders are less full of weeds and the bush in my front garden has been trimmed. I've been a busy boy today.

Work - boring and I'm a little behind with a couple of things. Oh well. Back to Luton tomorrow. Should find out Monday whether Milan is on or not.... I'm also seriously back in the gym due to starting Marathon training in earnest again. Baden-Marathon 2005, here I come. Also played squash against a really good player on Thursday - won a couple of games which was unexpected since I've never even won one before against him. He was injured though. The truth will show when I play him next Thurs.

DVD's sent Tuesday only got to the company on Friday and didn't arrive this morning, which means that I've got nothing to watch this week. Finished all of my books, too. Disaster!
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