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C'est moi...

I'm in a very French mood, after reading 'The Outsider' and watching 'L'appartement' in the same day. I had to turn the subtitles on though - my French is still quite poor and giving up my French lessons when I was first sent away hasn't helped. Must try to get some learning French CD's to see if I can improve at all.

EDIT: mini review - good film, typically French, love triangles, jumps back and forth - very post-Tarantino. Has Monica Bellucci, which is a reason to watch any film.

I was happy when I watched 'Junge Maedchen weinen nicht' recently that I could still keep up with the German. That's what living somewhere does for you. I recommend this film if you like teen dramas - avoid if you hate '10 things I hate about you' or other similar ones. Being German it's a bit grittier.

I was amused to see an article in the Times (and they said Rupert Murdoch wouldn't lower the tone) last week quoting a slashdot poster saying that France was 'less a nation than a rabble united by a variety of cheeses'.
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