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The aftermath of essays

Spent most of yesterday asleep after an all-nighter on Friday night to get an essay done. The whole weekend was spent in university - all about marketing, which I feel to be interesting, possibly important, and on the whole, rather irrelevant to me. I know the marketers would say that everything is marketing (and they're right) but I could do without having to write another essay on it.

Went for the run - was dark, muddy and I turned back after about 20 minutes. Must do better next time.

Back to Luton this week - at least I have a selection of DVDs to watch in my hotel room this week. Hotels are boring, boring places. Should be going to the tsunami concert in the Millenium stadium in Cardiff next weekend, however. Should be a laugh, especially as Eric Clapton is playing. I would sell one of my children (if I had any) to see him play so the fact it benefits a good cause is a bonus. Lots of other good people are playing too. Oh, and Craig David, who is annoying.
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