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Ack, I really should update more often...

I left you having just been accepted for the marathon about 3 weeks ago... Certain people tell me to update my journal more often, they're right of course. Since I last did it I had two weeks off, in which I went down to London and saw lots of friends, which was highly enjoyable and went to a rather good party and then the next day a fireworks do. I was supposed to get lots of decorating done the week after, but failed miserably - my house is nice and tidy though, so if I actually spend some time at home when I'm not busy (won't happen for another couple of weeks) I might actually get some done. Realistically though, it'll be Christmas time before I actually get round to doing any.

Last week I was working away from home on a client site, with very little internet access available. This looks like it will be the case for the next couple of weeks as well. Entries will probably not flow from my keyboard with any great rapidity for a while yet.

I am typing this is safari on my shiny new ibook, that I purchased last week with an accompanying ipod. This has given me lots of chance to play. It's fun. I am still in the process of ripping all of my CDs though.

I am currently not writing my essay, which I should be doing. Post this thing,
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