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Weekly update (naughty boy!)

So, I've let another week and a bit go past since I last updated, as nothing interesting has happened, which sucks.

This weekend was spent in university and the next couple will have to be spent in the library as I have a very long essay to write in the copious time that I have outside work. Oh well, at least it's free.

In work I'm frantically trying to finish a report before I go on leave next week - it's nearly finished, so shouldn't be a problem. I will be very glad to get it squared away. I'm also trying to get a squash league started in work, which will be fun, presuming I can get people to play regularly, which is always the problem.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about my leave, as I am not sure whether I can afford to go this time or whether to leave it until Christmas. I am looking forward to not being in work, however. It will give me a chance to get my sleeping pattern back to somewhere that appears almost normal.
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