Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

What's gone on since I last updated?

I skipped out of my French lesson early this time last week to have a meal with the other IMPs in Cardiff. Was nice, but a bit garlicky - not my favorite flavour. We went to this Portuguese place on St Marys Street. Unfortunately I couldn't drink as I was driving back to home, oh well. The day before I watched films and had food with some friends - watched Starship Troopers which was a lot more amusing than I remember it, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Mmmm, Keira Knightley. It's a shame she interviews so badly though.

I was going to go and visit my parents two weeks ago but I didn't make it back due to a nasty hangover caused by going to the pub on Friday afternoon and staying almost until it closed. It was an enjoyable evening with the band playing and some good food and company but I really paid for it the next day. The day after I went shopping in Cardiff on the Sunday, could't find anything I was looking for.

This weekend I went to go and see my parents - nice to see them again, I ate too much.

I have another cold. Rats. I've not been eating terribly well this last week, will make a nice curry this evening.
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