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I feel old....

I signed myself up for a course at a local college, 3 hours a week. Anyway, it's a French course, and I was asked what I got in it at GCSE. I could just about remember, but I'm horrified to think it was nine and a bit years ago that I was sitting them. Yikes.

Spent the first three days on a course in London - all about teamworking. I think that I got a lot of interesting stuff out of it. I did enjoy the chance to go out every night and have a few beers and a meal at a restaurant as well. Went out clubbing on Tuesday night - a good club (the Rock Garden) in Covent Garden which was lots of fun and allowed me to dance around embarrasingly. Was the first student night of the year, which also made me feel old, but the atmosphere was very good because it was full of foreign students that had just arrived in London and were excited about being there.

I'm in university this weekend, doing stuff on change management which is also useful for work. Been to the gym a couple of times - I like the spa there. I'm nice and relaxed now, so it's time to go home.
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