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Gimme some loving was better...

I like the Spencer Davies group, but the organ on 'Gimme Some Loving' is far superior to 'Keep on Running'. That song reminds me of running in the London Marathon and all the pubs around Deptford playing appropriate music from speakers outside.

This was all brought to mind by the fact that I've just completed a goodish 8 mile training run (with some walk thrown in, especially during the last 3 miles or so) after posting my entry for this year's marathon... here's hoping I get in the ballot. My legs hurt now, unfortunately.

In the run up to the marathon, presuming I get in, I'm also planning to do a 10K race about October and a half sometime in February, if I can find one. There's a nice 10k in Windsor in October at least (maybe I can even find some kindly person to put me up...).

Since I last posted I went to a friend's wedding in London, which was a very nice traditional type one in a wooden beamed church. The reception afterwards was fun and I got to meet people that I haven't seen for a while, in some cases for fifteen years. I also lurched about embarrasingly. The day after I spent a few hours with my family walking about Kew Gardens, which I also haven't been to since I was about 10. I don't think I've had a day out with my family all together for about 5 years, which is when my sister started university. Strange.

Last weekend I did very little except for tidying house and garden as they had got into a state. I read 'Mother Tongue' by Bill Bryson (interesting) and 'Star of the Sea' which I've not finished yet but is good so far.

Work is the same as ever. I need a holiday.
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