Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

I should post more.

Since I don't have web access at home (I'm home visiting my parents at the moment) and my computer faces the whole office so I don't like to write in here.

Anyway, at the moment all of the days seem to run into each other a bit so any posts won't be that interesting.

In other news, I went to Cardiff on Wednesday to meet a friend who was there doing a course at the university for a week - I met him in the bay with some of the people that were doing the course with him, had a nice meal in a Portuguese restaurant (signature dish - big lumps of grilled meat on skewers suspended from the ceiling, yum). I had the salmon which was also nice. Saw Shrek 2 in the cinema in the stadium which was cool because there were at total of 2 other people apart from our group in the cinema. I like late night showings.

There is a film festival on at that cinema in a couple of weeks so I'm planning to go and see Taxi Driver on the big screen a week monday. Scorcese is great.

Yesterday I spent a very pleasant evening in the pub with people from work - interesting chat, a live band, but too much beer. This made my day today not very productive.
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