Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

Essays suck.

I'm in work trying to get my essay completed. I ended up wasting most of the day off I took to do it although I did manage to write about 1300 words. That means that I've got about 500 to go, which should be fairly easy. I've then got to make everything hang together nicely, which will be the hard part. Even after nearly 7 years(!) of university I've still not got the hang of time management. Which is probably bad.

LaTeX is cool.

I spent an enjoyable couple of hours with colleagues from work, even though I wasn't drinking because I had to drive back to finish off this essay. We went to this nice gastropub about 2 miles from the office and chatted for a few hours over a nice meal (game pie for me). I hope we will do it more often, because I've been missing a social life over the past couple of months.

I've had a splitting headache for the last few hours, but I got some paracetamol from the stash that one of the engineers keeps (after donating 30p to the buy some more fund) and it's nearly gone. So I need to get a cup of tea and buckle down for a couple of hours.
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