Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

Things are never easy, are they?

The work that I was supposed to be doing this weekend was cancelled, but I ended up working anyway - 18 days without a day off, and counting. Thankfully it's a long weekend this week. A server that I was working on has lost a disk array, so I have to go and fix it tomorrow. 1200 miles driven since last Friday when I reset my milometer leaving work.

I did end up staying in a rather nice hotel last weekend, though. It had a nice gym and swimming pool with sauna and jacuzzi, which I made full use of. Didn't try the food, though. I went out for a couple of drinks in Maidstone while I was down there - nice place. A bit like Essex, but without white stilettos.

Work otherwise fairly blah, and I've been too tired to do much of anything. I'm surprisingly unfit as well, as I found when I couldn't manage 20 minutes at my normal running pace.

I was supposed to be going to see an ice hockey match this evening, which I've had to cancel because of the sick computer. Ho hum.

Essay to write before two weeks today. This means I'm going to be well busy for the next couple of weeks.
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