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3am and all's well.

So I'm working nights - this is both bad and good because I get paid more (but I won't get the money for another month, and next week's money for 2 months) but I don't really have a life at the moment as I go to bed at 7am and get up about 5pm and then go to work after I've eaten and stuff. 12 hour shifts - hate, hate, hate. Fortunately it's gone all quiet so I'm trying to get all of the other work I need to do out of the way. Discman on (a fringe benefit of no-one to offend) and fingers to the keyboard.

After this is over I need to do exciting stuff - suggestions are welcome, of course. I also need to get fitter again because I don't have the time to run or go to the gym at the moment, which sucks.
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