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I haven't updated for ages... This one might be long!

I'm busy trying to get my dissertation written - only a couple more weeks to go, and then I'll be done, almost 5 years since I started university. It only seems like yesterday. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up, though.

I went home for a couple of days, so I could see my family on my birthday - it was nice, but a little too rushed. Especially as I didn't get enough of my work done. I had planned to do some writing up on the train journey, but the battery on my laptop died about half an hour in. There were the normal problems with the train, of the 6 trains I took over the course of two days, only one was on time. This included one forced stop where a power line came down and all the passengers were made to leave the train and go by coach instead. I think I'm due some more compensation for the trains being late - I seem to pay for most of my train tickets with the compensation for delays for previous journeys.

For my birthday, I had a nice meal with my family and some friends of the family that were visiting - nothing like home cooking, and good wine. After that, I went out for a few beers with my sister and some friends. Lots of interesting chat, but everything was quite quiet, what with it being a Wednesday.

Now I'm back I have to be productive. Another cup of coffee will help, I think.
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