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This morning...

...I was fast asleep, as I had pulled an all-nighter the day before. All of a sudden, there was an almighty noise, jerking me from my slumber. I staggered out of bed and went to the speakerphone and mumbled "Hello?". "Postman!", came the reply. "Be there in a second", I croaked.

I pulled on a t-shirt (yes, I did have something on my bottom half!), and went to the door. The postman was highly amused, and laughed at my appearance - hair sticking up (I need a haircut), about a weeks worth of stubble, and a dazed expression, as is normal when you've been asleep for 14 hours.

The postman thrust a box into my hands, apologised for waking me, and left with a grin. I walked into my flat, and cut the tape holding the box closed. Inside the box were a card and gifts wrapped in tissue paper. I opened the gifts, and was very touched! So, thanks, scruff, you're very sweet!
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