Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,


I'm not sad enough to memorize digits and far to tired to load up a calculator to print it out...

Anyway, last night I made apple pie because I felt like doing some cooking as I've been a bit slack lately. Also, I went shopping and there were pie dishes reduced in the supermarket, which I couldn't resist. The pie is good, but for future reference, I need to make 10oz pastry and add loads more sugar... I can do that afterwards, obviously, but it would be more portable if it was edible without having to make ick faces.

I plan to make cookies tonight. Since friends of mine are in the States at the moment, I have a definite American theme going on. I'm not going to cook turkey, though. Happy thanksgiving tomorrow, btw!

Insanely busy in work, no time to surf the net or IM people, waah. I'm working saturday, too, and I have uni assignments that are getting pressing. Busy busy.
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