Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

Back to School

Went out on Friday with people from work, had fun, but was out too late, which meant that I had little sleep before starting Uni the next morning. I did have a phone call at 8:01 to ask whether I was lying in a gutter somewhere - what cheek! One little minute late picking people up and you get the reputation for being a sodden drunk. Actually I was fairly restrained because of the fact I was driving the next morning.

Uni was good, but also intense. 9-6 two days running doesn't give you much time to think, but Business as a course seems relatively easy at the moment. I think the most important part of getting good grades will be phrasing the work well and developing ideas, which I'm not terribly good at because of the fact I tend to take people's understanding of things for granted - I think engineers (me, but only by training) tend to do as a matter of course because there is such a big framework of stuff that you need to assimilate to get to any sort of level.

I'm actually quite scarily happy to have homework again - I'm sure that will wear off quite quickly, though.
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