Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

It starts with the hair...

Working out how I'm going to get to the University of Glamorgan on Saturday in order to start a new course in Management. It's a PgDip, and the first module is how to grow pointy hair. Actually, I made that up. Hopefully I'll be able to claim back the milage, too. Anyway, I'm going to be a scummy student again, if only part time. I'll probably celebrate by wearing scruffy clothing and not shaving for a couple of days. I'll fit right in...

I ran my first 10k training run in ages the night before last (and I extended it a bit so that it was a quarter marathon). Yesterday, I felt like death, too. Only another 6 months of that, and I'll be ready to do London again. The next target is 8 miles by the end of November, and then 10 miles by Christmas. Eminently doable, I think.

Yesterday was manic, including a meeting in our other welsh office, more miles in my car in the middle of a downpour. Nice.

In other interesting news, there was lunch left over from a big meeting that was going on. You can tell I work for a computer company - all the meat based products were eaten, and all the vegetable dips that were provided were still left at the end.
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