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Monthly large post, holidays and stuff.

I must try and put meaningful titles on my posts - I was looking for a post where I had posted results of my degree project, and I couldn't for the life of me find them. So therefore I'm going to start writing them better. Posting more would help as well...

Anyway, I'm back at work after coming back from holiday - everything in work is exactly the same as when I left, except that I have lots of stuff to do because only the vital stuff was done while I was away. Still, keeps me busy (and caffinated).

The holiday however was neat. It started with me going down to London on the Saturday and meeting up with a friend who I hadn't seen since Uni - he's a lot balder, if you know who I'm talking about, which you might do. Anyway, we spent some time catching up and stuff, which was cool. I'm jealous of his PhD, because he gets to do interesting cool stuff, and he's jealous of the whole house and job thing. So we're even. I went into the Tate Modern for a bit - it's been changed a round a bit from the last time I was there, so it was a bit like going for the first time. The inflatable things outside are cool, too. I approve of the Tate, at some point I'll go to the one in Liverpool, too. I've never been to Liverpool, so that will be an experience. I went to see the last days of the 'Editions Alecto' print exhibition, too. There was some cool stuff there - some of it was really 60's, all garish colours, but other ones could have been done today. A whole series of David Hockney lithographs, too. No swimming pools, but almost cartoonish. I liked.

The next day I went over to Germany, after being dropped off at the airport by kind friends. The flight was uneventful and early, which was cool. I spent the next week going to museum after museum as I bought a pass which allowed me free entry to all of them in the Oberrhein area (that's 3 countries and 150 museums). I need to go back, because I still haven't paid for the pass. Still, at least I know where to go for my next holiday... I saw some German films at the cinema, too. I was very pleased to find out that I can still understand German to a reasonable level, considering that I haven't spoken any for 2 years. I was a bit shaky at first, but it came back after the first day or so.

Unfortunately, no-one I knew when I lived over there still does, which was a bit of a shame. I got to know a few people where I was staying, though, so I wasn't lonely.

I flew back to Britain on the Saturday, and proceeded to a party. Which I will talk about later, because I need to go home.

All ready to buy a car. Yay!
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