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Bad me! No biscuit!

I can't be bothered to post much at the moment - work just is the same old stuff, and isn't that interesting.

Bought a car on the weekend - there goes my money for the forseeable future. Now I need to sort out tax and insurance and other nasty things. I need to sort out Pass Plus as well - this is a driving course (for my many foreign readers!) that you do after you pass which teaches you "advanced" driving skills. It's about 6 hours worth, and it gives you the equivalent of a year's no claims bonus, which works out to be about £180 for me. Insurance is scandalously expensive. Gah.

During last week, I had a nice easy week in the Gym. I'm still feeling a bit jaded with it, so I'll have some time off this week, too. I did go out during the week Go-Karting, which was a lot of fun, but I really sucked. I wasn't last, though, but only just. There must be a knack, which I didn't work out, because I was slipping all over the place. Hmmm. Nice trip to the pub afterwards, though, where we did the worlds worst pub quiz.

Went out after work on Friday for a quiet beer, went home to see my parents, and then came back yesterday in order to get my house in order prior to going on holiday next week. Still haven't got insurance or Euros. Really really must do it tomorrow.

Off home now.
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