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Same old same old

There has been very little going on in the last few weeks, so I haven't posted much.

I think the last time I posted was before I went to see my former students get their results. They were pretty much as I expected, which in a way is good, but in another way is bad, because we really didn't make them learn any more than they would have anyway. I suppose the whole point is just to provide an atmosphere where that is more likely and some guidance when necessary. At the same time, I bought furniture, which was nice, because my house looks more, well, homely.

After that came my birthday. Because I'm old (not compared to trees, glaciers and pensioners, of course, but certainly compared to your average household pet), this passed without much fanfare. I handed out the standard doughnuts and cakes, which went down well. By means of celebration, I did go out for a couple of beers with my friends on my birthday, and on the weekend afterwards with my sister and one of her friends, but it wasn't anything really riotous.

Work has been much as normal and not really worth talking about. I had a review, which went reasonably well.

I've started running training again, with a view to doing the marathon again next april - and if I don't get in this time, there are always others around the same time. Played a bit of squash and

I'm trying to sort out a bit of a holiday at the moment, although I can't afford anything exotic. However, I've just noticed that Ryanair have opened a new route to the town where I was living in Germany a couple of years ago I'm currently looking to see if I can find a couple of nights there reasonably cheaply, and afterwards to spend a couple of days in London. And that's where I am now.
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