Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

For an IT company...

It's amazing how few people are able to touch-type. Looking around the office, I'd estimate that there are only about 5 people here who can, mostly secretaries. Imagine the amount of lost productivity because people type slowly. Of course, that doesn't factor in the time required to think about things, but there you are.

Thursday evening, I went out with some people from work. It was fun, and I did a spot of boogying and a lot of drinking. One pub was in a converted church, which was cool. Anyway, I got a bit carried away and I felt so tired on Friday in work. Falling asleep on the sofa with my contact lenses in didn't help, either. All in all, Bridgend isn't actually that bad to go out in, in my opinion, in spite of what people who come from here say. I guess anything gets boring quickly.

In the end, I went home this weekend. It was nice, of course, but nothing really interesting happened.

I won at squash today - 3:0, and my third win in a row. Yay me!
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