Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

Long stretches of blah

I've not been updating for a while, because there's not much going on. Whining about this lack of boredom isn't really edifying reading, either.

Work is okay, but not terribly interesting - there's only so many times you can install Windows to test features of different products before it starts to grate a little.

Social life pretty non-existant for the past couple of weeks, too. It's good for the bank balance, but less for the livejournal. Must do stuff this weekend. Planning to start training for the cardiff marathon in September, though. Lots of speedwork required this time - I'd like to knock 45 minutes of my time, if possible. It's reasonable, because I was up around that sort of pace until at least mile 12 the last time...

I need to go shopping tomorrow for a birthday present for my sister. Any ideas? If I don't see anything I like it'll be CD's as per usual...
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