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I'm still in work - this is bad.

I'm trying to work out how to do something in VBA in access, because it should be easier than trying to do it from an massive complicated SQL query. But it's not because VBA is a horrible kludged up language that needs to be taken out the back and quietly shot. Which is why VB.NET was invented. But there.

Apart from that, I'm pretty much recovered from marathoning on Saturday - Monday I was off, which was good, because I could barely walk up and down the stairs, so I spent it mostly in bed or in front of the TV.

Yesterday was better, but still a bit sore. I went shopping so I actually had some food in the house, and watched 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. Which is a good film, but I'd seen it before. It was eerily familiar, but I don't actually remember seeing it. This is probably a sign of oncoming senility. At 23. At work I spent all day bashing Access around.

I completed the marathon in 5:14 - not bad, but could have been better - my splits for the first half were considerably better than the second half - even counting toilet breaks. The atmosphere in London was great - there was barely 100 yards that was clear of people cheering you on. Plus some people gave out Jelly Babies, which I'm very grateful for. I got a bit sunburned, but it's mostly better now. Coming back, the train was late, as usual.

Lots of work to do tomorrow, so I'd better go home...
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