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9 Malic Monoliths

I'm in London at the moment, quaking in my boots (well, trainers, actually) at the thought of running 26.2 miles tomorrow. Eeeek! I'm woefully undertrained, too. Damn work and 12 hour days...

Still, we'll see how I go - my prediction is 5:30, original aim was 4:00, so between those and I'll be really happy.

I spent Thursday evening in a work social - pub quiz-type thing. It was fun, and I wasn't involved in the fight that broke out. Which is good. I also wasn't involved in making a foot high stack of chicken bones. Silly drunk graduate trainees....

I spent the afternoon in Tate Britain after picking up my running number for tomorrow, and eating way too much pasta and rice pudding (got to get those yummy carbs for running, you know). The exhibition on contemporary British art is fun, and there isn't a single pickled sheep anywhere (that's in the former GLC building). Anyway, if anyone can find a poster of this picture by Richard Patterson, please let me know. It's not part of the exhibition, though - it's part of the main collection.

Unfortunately, they've disbanded their Francis Bacon room for the time being. Which is bad, because I was looking forward to seeing it.

I'm going to be going back to go to sleep early soon. Not sure if I might pop into the Tate Modern for a bit, too - I'm staying just round the corner from St. Pauls, so it's just a quick jog over the Millenium bridge.

I really miss London.
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