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There's something in the woodshed

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
5:40a - Fading out...
I'm nearly as tired as I've ever been, I think - staying awake for 24 hours twice with 6 hours sleep inbetween is awful. Never mind, only 2 more night shifts to go.

The reason that I've been so busy in the last few days was that I had Uni this weekend. I've spent the last couple of weeks writing an essay which had to be in on Saturday morning. Despite working on it during work and going to the library after shifts I still ran out of time because I was constantly occupied in work. Outside it's been a cycle of work, eat, sleep, eat, work. Still, it's all worth it financially. Never mind.

I had a presentation today after my shift, which went really well - I've got a bit of a swollen head at the moment because I'm not used to getting compliments from the management board... I had my performance review today as well. I left work at 5:30 after getting in the night before, hence the tiredness.

Off to see my parents this weekend, because I've not seen them for a few weeks. It's not going to be very interesting, though, because I'm going mostly to be catching up on sleep.

After that, I need to think of exciting things to do.

current mood: tired

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