Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

Closing time...

My couple of days of went rather quickly - went to Ikea to price up furniture for my imaginary^Wfuture house. There was lots of nice stuff, but I don't think I'll be able to afford much for at least a couple of years, or months, or whatever. Still, I can probably steal a lot of stuff from my parents... With their consent, of course.

Ended up not managing to go the gallery, which was a pain. Why do they have to put Ikea such a long way away from anywhere? Grr. I did manage to get new shoes, which is good, because I'd gone through the soles of my old ones. Walking 5 miles a day in uni made me go through them surprisingly quickly. Also bought trousers. Damn this smart casual stuff. I really don't mind wearing a suit, you know. Takes all the thought out of it.

Had a final meeting in work. I ended up staying for ages as there was a surprisingly large amount of admin stuff to do. People kept on telling me that if I didn't leave soon, I'd still be there when I retired. There's a lot of truth in that statement - I really enjoyed that job. Even though it was frustrating quite a lot of the time.

Still, a new job will be exciting, too. Got to get photos taken tomorrow for ID cards. I hope I get a good one, because apparently, it'll be on the company white pages for the time I'm there. It's a shame that there's exactly three good photos of me in existance. Ho hum.
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