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My last day as a teacher went with a whimper, rather than a bang. Basically, no students turned up, so I spent it doing administration stuff. Still, I've got an exciting meeting to look forward to on Friday. Joy.

However, an extra three hours of invigilation that I did today will push up my wages for the month. I'm going to need it, what with buying a house and all.

Tomorrow I'm going to start looking for sofas and stuff. Starting with Ikea, probably. I need to buy some more clothes if I'm going to be working an extra two days a week, though.

Now I just need to get through to people on the phone. Fighting my way through the worlds largest switchboard system is no fun. Still, has to be done, or it's going to cost me 38 quid for my test, which I need to reschedule to a saturday, because I'm working the day it's booked for. No luck getting a cancellation.

Still, tomorrow I'm going to be going to an art gallery. Yay! I need some more cultural stuff.
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