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Last night's run was one of the most fun things I've done in ages -pitch dark, ice underfoot, freezing cold.

So I spent most of the run with one eye shut in order to make sure my night vision worked for when I got into the really dark parts where I was running through country lanes which are enclosed with hedges and trees.

I was wearing quite a few layers, perhaps a bit more than necessary, and having to run quite carefully because there was quite a bit of ice where cars had compacted and melted the snow - I spent most of the time running down the middle of the lanes where the cars hadn't been.

It was all worthwhile when I got to running along the base of one of the smallish mountains, with the town below me. I could see all along the valley, because all of the cloud was high up. It was very, very cool looking at the hospital and villages across fields covered with snow, and the town about a mile or two away. I didn't want to stop. Except I had to, because I got tired about 40 minutes in.

I think I need to buy new trainers again, though - I was getting a bit of knee pain by the end. It went once I'd stretched properly, though.
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