Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

It appears to be REM day on my friend's list today. Which is nice. I haven't listened to any of my REM albums for ages. This week has been a punk week, mostly. Although I feel vaguely guilty about liking punk bands, because I'm a class traitor, probably.


Also, I wish people would stop buying Norah Jones' album. Not you, of course, because I like you. But now it's been in the charts for about the last 4 months, I feel soiled by posessing it. It's still a good album and all, but if everyone buys it it won't be special anymore! This opinion was confirmed by a programme I saw last week on the '100 greatest selling singles'. Most of them were rubbish, which proves that people will buy any old crap.

Nearly finished for Christmas... yay! Got lots of paperwork to do, but not much teaching because of mock exams.

Also need to buy Christmas presents, but can't because I should have been paid two weeks ago, and now I won't get paid until next Tuesday. Fuckwits. Still, I know what to get, mostly. So it shouldn't be that painful.

In other news, I had a job interview last week, which I got. So I was visiting the place today where I'll be working in January. Looks quite cool, and they're planning to rotate me around different parts of the business so I can get a feel for it when I join. Now I need to find somewhere to live, which is always fun. Not sure if it's worth looking for somewhere to rent or buy yet. Probably rent until my probationary period is over.

Won at pool. Yay.
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