Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

I haven't updated for ages - lack of time, mostly, combined with lack of energy at the end of days. I write all of my entries in one go, because I'm not really on the same computer for any length of time, so you tend to get a quick precis of what is on my mind at the time.

Some people tend to write epics - that's nice, and they're more interesting than mine, mostly, but I have never been able to write in a long, flowing style. Even my degree thesis was about a third shorter than it really should have been.

I've had extra hours from this week on - it's good, because I get more money, but also bad, because it means that I've got that much less time available in college to prepare my other lessons. This means that I have loads of work to do this weekend, which I can't put off until Monday, like I normally do. So if you see me slacking, please tell me off. Of course, if you can't see me, emails and SMS are also welcome. This is because I'll probably be slacking anyway.

Apart from that, nothing much going on. It's going to be a quietish weekend, because I'm not doing anything in particular and most of my friends are off doing interesting stuff over the other side of the country this week. Sigh.

This will probably be solved by the addition of lots of exercise, and a bit of retail therapy on Saturday. But at a low level, because I'm not sure if I've been paid yet. Which will be nice when it happens, because it's been a long two months.

I lost at pool, but the team won. And since I was playing last, it didn't really matter anyway. Which is nice.
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