Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

I spent today being a scab.

You see, there is a strike on today by members of the NATFHE union (teachers in higher and further education), for better pay for higher education teachers, because we get paid on average £3500 less than teachers in schools. Anyway, because I'm not a member of NATFHE, I was obliged to go into work. About half of our staff were out. There weren't any pickets, though, so there wasn't any unpleasentness, shall we say.

I did manage to have a lesson within which no-one turned up - it's all good, getting paid for doing boring admin work. Yay!

Still stuffed up from the cold I had last week. Also very tired. Managed to sleep about 13 hours last night. Which was nice. Other than that, nothing interesting is happening.
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