Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

I've had a stinking cold since about Wednesday - it's nearly cleared up by now, but it's meant that I've not got much done since then. Ah, well, the point of having some time off was to recover, I suppose, and in a way that's what I've done.

After going to see XXX on Monday, I've not really done that much, apart from going to the gym a couple of times. XXX was reasonably good, but not brilliant. Some of the special effects were quite dodgy, as well. Still, it was good for a couple of hours mindless entertainment.

Saw 'Queen of the Damned' on video, as well. Again, another film that was okay, but not brilliant. There just wasn't any real suspense involved, which made it hard to get really involved with the film.

'The Ring' isn't out in the UK until after Christmas, either. Bah!
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