Owen (kaffeequatsch) wrote,

Knocked a minute off my 5K time in the gym today. Yay me! I'm a bit knackered, though.

Tres hungover yesterday after the wedding - at least with the clocks going back I got an hour's extra sleep. Which, when added to about 4 more and a couple of aspirin, mostly stopped the thumping headache. Gah.

Going to the cinema later, probably to see XXX, or "Slap her, she's French". Piper Perabo was good in "Coyote Ugly", which I watched on video recently, so I'd like to see that, although probably the mindless violence will win out in the end. It normally does.

My teeth are okay, too. So I don't have to go to the dentist for 6 months more. Who says the English have bad skin and bad teeth? It's a shame about the skin, though.
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